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This web site was designed with the Christian educator in mind. The goal of biblical integration is to help students think biblically and critically. This web site has several excellent resources to help accomplish that goal.

Steps for Success

For those that are not familiar with biblical integration, there are several pages that explain what biblical integration is as well as step-by-step directions for planning units (brainstorming worksheet) and individual lessons (lesson plan worksheet).

New to Biblical Integration? It is highly recommended that you begin with the brainstorming worksheet.

A weekly lesson planner is also available for long term planning, and the biblical integration posters are excellent resources for planning and instruction. Through careful and prayerful planning, we can learn to see the world the way it was designed to be.

Discussion Starters

Discussion Starters

Want to turn your classroom into a hotbed of discussion? Get your students thinking about and discussing biblically based open-ended questions. Lively discussions don't just have to occur in debate or ethics class. Challenge your students to think about how the topic you are teaching has ethical components.

  • How is the knowledge of the topic being taught used and abused?
  • What are some different worldviews regarding the topic?
  • What are the ramifications of operating from those different worldviews?

Getting the class to discuss controversial issues not only lets the teacher know what the students believe, but provides a great opportunity to share Truth with them.

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What Biblical Integration
Is & Isn't

Simply stated, biblical integration is taking a lesson objective and/or lesson outline, and teaching it from a Christian perspective. It is not just a lesson or objective devoid of God, his character, nature, or creation, nor is it solely about God, his character, nature or creation. It is a melding of the two. It is understanding the objective or lesson from the Christian perspective.

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Posters User's Guide

There are many ways the biblical integration posters can be used in the classroom, and there are no right or wrong ways to use them. They can be used as a point of reference for the teacher or student, or as a format for comparison of different religions and worldviews. In order for the teacher and students to use them effectively, they should be familiar with the information on each poster.

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Lesson Planning

Writing a biblically integrated lesson plan is much like writing a regular lesson plan, only it takes the lesson one step further. For the teacher it means learning how to see the subject from the balcony above, so to speak, and to share that view with the students. Planning biblically integrated lesson plans takes a little time, but reaps eternal rewards.

There are blank lesson plan worksheets available as well as samples of worksheets filled. in. There are also blank and sample brainstorming worksheets for planning units. For those not familiar with how to plan an integrated lesson or unit, there are step-by-step instructions as well.

Developing biblically integrated lessons is fun and exciting. There is nothing like the thrill of helping students learn to see God's hand at work all around us.

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